Love is a Fairy Tale

Love is Blind. Yet sometimes we still can see

Words From The Underground

true love

Once upon a time

I had a thing called Love

and it was beautiful

I felt alive & happy

Special & beautiful

Every day was fresh & new

We talked about the future

Dreams we had

Shared our desires & emotions

I gave you my heart

It had been broken

several times before

 and was still scarred

 but you fixed it

Put all the pieces back together

heart in hands 2

It felt so real

I still believe it was

in the beginning

but something changed

there were small signs

& love was blind

I did not see what was happening

until it was too late

Now, hurt & angry

I cry myself to sleep

not knowing what lies ahead

What I believed to be my destiny

Has been left far behind

along with my heart

the pieces smaller than before

dark path 1

I stumble through the day

traveling my path

hanging at the edge of the abyss


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