Who’s there?  Oh…is it time?  I’m ready…. No I don’t need anything.  Just maybe direct me the right way.

I don’t want to go in there.  Yes I know, but I don’t want to.  You’ve made a mistake, all of you.  I’m not the one who….. Okay, don’t push. I’m going.

Could you lead me to the chair?  I can’t see very well.

It’s very bright in here. The light hurts my eye, can’t you close the blinds?  No?  How about some shades?   Something…Okay, talk first. I get it. Can you unshackle me so I can cover them?  Why are you laughing?

What’s my name?  I’m sure you have it written down in that file in front of you.  Who are you? Lawyer.  Liar. Same thing.  I’ve been charged with what?  Death Penalty…no wait.

Listen I didn’t do it…okay?   It wasn’t me.  I tried to keep it in, caged, I did lock it away.  I tried to… No, it’s not crazy talk…you aren’t listening to me.  You saw the scars.  I was nearly disembowelled for fuck sake.  You think I could do that to myself?  Why would I?

Do you see these?   Here, on my face? Here, on my neck… Teeth.  Lots of them, and sharp, like razors.  It took my eye, damaged the other.  Yes I know this but…. You are all fools.


Yes I saw it happen.  Please, I don’t want to talk about that.  Yes, I want the shades, but….  Why do you want to know so badly?  Are you some kind of sicko that gets off on that stuff?  Oh my God get me someone else to talk to.  I won’t feed your sickness.   Oh.  Court appointed, huh.  I don’t have to talk…..

Thank you.  My eye was on fire.  What?  How many were there?  No, I don’t think the death of others is funny.  What I find funny is that you think there was more than one.  No sir, there was only One.  Are you serious?   Weapons…aren’t you hearing me?   No weapons.  Claws….teeth

Yes it sounds like a monster.  Because it is one.  Stop laughing. It’s not a joke. IT’S NOT FUNNY.  No, sir, I’m not making it up.  There is no other word for it.  It just is….

What does it look like?  Do I have to?  Isn’t it enough that I’ve seen it?   I will see it in my mind for the rest of my life.  No, I don’t want to discuss it… please… Fine, in your mind picture the most terrifying monster you’ve ever dreamed of.  Now make it 1000 times worse.  With claws…and teeth


You don’t understand, it’s not easy to put words to.  You won’t believe anything I say anyway.  Alright, okay…. It was….human, almost.  It stood on two legs, had arms, fingers, skin…looked like anyone you might see on the street.  It was actually sort of….attractive.  I didn’t say I was in love with it.  Had it been human I might have thrown a fuck at it but….

If you didn’t see it…for what it is.  If maybe you didn’t know what to look for, you would die innocent of the….  If…If I…may I have a Kleenex please?  Thank you.  I wish I’d never seen it at all.  What did I see?  I saw complete and utter darkness, there was no life there, and it was….cold….dead.  Then it turned around….

Please, I’d like some water.   My throat feels so dry.  Thank you.  What did I see when it turned around?  An angel’s face, so beautiful that it was fearsome. Skin glowed, perfect lips…. Eyes….. no I won’t talk about those.  No sir…I don’t want that to happen. But you…Yes I….. I understand…. Its eyes, they hold no sanity.  This, thing, was born insane…It sees us as….vermin.   You are wrong, sir, very wrong.

There really is no way to describe its eyes.  THEY are not human, in any way. This thing wasn’t born, it always was.  I saw that in it’s…..It was so cold there, just, nothing there.  If you saw….I saw…there’s not one ounce of humanity or sanity in those eyes. It holds you, you can’t fight it. You’re frozen in place while it tries to eat you alive.  What?   No! You don’t have a choice!  There is no choice.    Listen to me.  These shackles you have me in?   They wouldn’t hold it back.  No one has survived, and you won’t either unless you pay attention!


Colour?  Why does that matter?  Of course I know… I’ll never forget. I still don’t know why this matters. Yes, I see.  Alright.  They are all colour, every colour, sort of like a…kaleidoscope?  They shift and move…. And…..mesmerise.  No I wasn’t high.   Look I know it sounds like an acid dream.  But it’s not.  It was no fucking dream.   Its real and it happened and it will happen again.

No I won’t relax!!   No…it’s really not.   It’s not a threat.  Please just listen.    It nearly killed me when it escaped.  It tried to eat me alive.   I…I lost…everything that day.  You don’t know what this things is and you think I’m playing a game.  It’s coming for me, and you have me bolted to a damn table while this THING is out there!  It’s hunting…me.  I saw it….saw what it really is, and it wants to kill me.

Why are those alarms going off?  An escape….are you sure?   No!! Don’t leave me here!  Please, it knows where I am. It’ll come for me.  You can’t leave me here alone.  Please…I don’t want to die alone…. Why are you just standing there?  Hello?

What is that noise…? Oh Dear Lord, I know that noise.  It found me, please, unshackle me! You can’t leave me here trapped.  You are making a mistake, please just let me free…..  DON’T OPEN THE DOOR! ARE YOU CRAZY?!

Why….what are you….it’s there.  Please….

Its claws are so sharp…It just split that lawyer in two.  With a swipe.  I’m trapped, and it sees me.  Oh. Beautiful Horror and I can’t move

Death Maiden



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  1. Kindred – you are pure fuking genius!!! This is yet another side of your brilliance!
    I love it.
    Keep on writing!!!! Always

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