Meet Raven

Madness Addict Brings You

I was born in Sicily in the mid 1700’s.  I had a shock of jet black curls, eyes as blue as the sky.  My father took one look at me and named me Raven.  I spent my childhood playing with my brothers in the family’s vineyard.  It was a small vineyard, mostly catering to the local cantinas.  All in all I had a decent life.

At the age of 16 I became drawn to the more seedy side of our little village.  Down at the docks you could find a wide assortment of places to get into trouble.  My favorite cantina, you would call it a saloon, had female dancers, alcohol (my family supplied them with wine) and poker.  I loved to play poker.  I would go and spend hours playing with the different men who were visiting our small corner of the world.  It was here that I learned…

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