The clock calling out
The death of each minute
As the ticking of the
Death Beetle
Warns of the doom
Of a loved one
The leaves rustle their
Skeletal song
It’s coming

The Padre’s skull
It bounces before me
Waving and bobbing
Like the plaything
Of the beyond
Eyes alight with glee
A fire demon cavorting
In the empty sockets
It too calls
Whining like the wind
Teeth chattering promises
Forgiveness denied
Now on your knees and
Prey, prey sinner

And I do
I fall to my knees
In my mind I falter
Stagger, suffer
My body graceful
As it moves
Slipping in and out
Of my shadows
Lovely creeping
Smothering concealing
As I Prey

Death Maiden


10 thoughts on “Prey….Prey

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  1. I felt the pain, the anguish and the anger. Your words take us on a true journey of the mind Never stop for you are most splendid my Kindred.

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I have no words for this Grueheads. Keeper is at a loss. If ever a piece of Dark Poetry evoked a truly original reaction then Prey is it. Read and feed on her exquisite prose.

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