Danse Macabre. A joyfully dark tale

Madness Addict Brings You

This is a story my son posted on deviantart.  If you enjoy it here is the link to his page:


Danse Macabre                    


                “Michael Flanagan, South Brook Sanatorium, preparing to interview new patient, number one-seventy eight.” I sat with my tape recorder, primitive yes, but effective, good for taking down quick notes. “Patient is a transfer from out of state, one Franklin Summers. Patient is male, Caucasian, golden blonde and blue eyes.” Geez, poster boy for the Aryan race isn’t this one? “Patient has been in psychiatric care once before, believing he can see the ghosts of the dead. The subject also exhibits a severe case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. One of the problems had been dealt with.” I set…

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