Crimson Oasis

From the Desert to the Crimson River…come enjoy the journey

Words From The Underground

Desert 2

The desert was vast
stretching for thousands of miles in all directions
I was alone with no hope of survival
A lifetime of desolation had been left behind
Most of it I could not remember
and the way to get back was lost
in the darkest corners of my mind
therefore I could not go back, only press forward
When the sun beat down I crawled along the surface
Parched & searching for any manner of shade
my bare feet bleeding red, painting the dry earth
On the other side of a dune I found a small tree
Night fell as I huddling under the branches
I dreamed vividly of water and blood
rushing rivers & happy voices

dune & tree
When I woke I saw the tree had grown larger
and I noticed the buds of leaves
but no water was in sight
I rested that day and had the same dream

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