I see it your way I see what you say Your words resonate But they are untruths   I do feel Withdrawn by choice Coldness through necessity It calms my Monster Keeps her reticent Near hibernation Wintery steam in the air No banging on the bars Screaming and scratching   Your words They are the … Continue reading Igniter



Listen up Hear me well Can you see well enough? Let us begin   See this? It’s a heart Not a fluffy Warm and fuzzy Perfectly shaped Picture perfect Heart   No It’s black It’s dark And it bleeds tar Desiccated and desecrated Deeper shadows than predawn It bleeds for you Come, take a look … Continue reading Heart


An amazing read, drags you along immersed in the thrall of It’s madness

Duchess's Requiem

He doesn’t see it. He doesn’t know that I do. He believes that everything he can see is all that is there. I can see it following him, every morning, every afternoon, I see it curling up in the chair beside our bed at night. It goes everywhere he goes. It crossed over me tonight, it was cold, freezing, evil. I don’t know what to do.

He’s losing weight, grumpy all the time now, doesn’t want to even share the same bed anymore. It knows I can see it and it’s trying to take him from me. I kissed his cheek when I was going out earlier and he flinched. This has to stop. I need to stop it.

I came home from work and found him with another woman. Thing is I can see the blackness over taking him. I told her to get dressed and get out of…

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Hail the Dark King

All Hail the Dark King. Heat heat heat xo

Madness Addict Brings You

It’s no secret that I love me a sexy man.  I’ve only wrote about them twice now.  Most recently in the last 24 hours.  It’s also no secret that I, along with most of the women I’m friends with on Twitter, have a deep love of one Matt Farnsworth. He is the alpha male.  Sexy beyond words.  Our beloved Keeper recently pressed his own homage to the man, a real panty soaker!  If you haven’t yet read it, I have just one word…why?  Here’s the link, go, now, devour it! http://riversofgrue.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/black-mist/


Ok, back on point.  See the other night when I was thinking of what became my post More Men, I of course was drawn to images of our Dark King.  A natural course if you ask me.  I thought to myself, no Matt deserves his own piece, but what can I say that hasn’t already been said?  I came up…

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Some Simple Treasure

I speak not but truth Cry Stand True To your ears Always at arms To stand alone In the dark With only my thoughts Echoing in the Halls of the Dead Hearing the silent screams Whispering like phantoms Fool more me to believe There was more To be found here Some simple treasure A jewel … Continue reading Some Simple Treasure


I don’t want to fall in loveIt hurts and it hurts goodIt digs its blade in deepTwisting as it overtakesO Dark CupidGet the fuck away from meWith your poison tipped arrowsI don’t want your crackI want your crackBut I’ll make it hard for youCan’t be gotten easilyI’ve learned somethingThere was once a timeWhen I would give … Continue reading Crack

Death’s Gift

Even the Lord of the Underworld can show a kindness
Read or Bleed this beautiful words of our Crimson Princess

Words From The Underground

*prior required reading  The Pit of Fire http://wp.me/p43M7s-bs

reaper & queen 8

She couldn’t breathe…like she was being suffocated.  The weight on her chest.  The pain.  Clawing at her throat…trying to scream & finding she has no voice.  It was unbearable.  Her face awash with tears…

She jerked awake as she finally found her voice, crying out loudly.  Just a dream.  She’d had so few since she arrived here but this one plagued her immensely.  She sank back into her pillow sobbing & then felt his arms around her…stroking her hair & speaking softly to comfort her.  The immortality he’d gifted her with did not take away all the pain & emotions she’d felt in her previous life.   He knew what she had suffered before he brought her here & had hoped she’d been able to put it behind her as the nightmares had been coming less frequent.   But it had been bad…

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The End of an Era; Raven and Leo’s final hunt

The End of a Era: Raven and Leo’s Final Hunt
A brilliant Journey

Madness Addict Brings You

With one phrase and one bite my life was changed forever.  There have been many years pass since that night but I remember.  I remember the pain.  Excruciating but blissful.  I felt my body die, then be reborn.  Everything looked brand new, like I’d never looked through my own eyes before.

We had over a century together, Leo (Leonardo to all but me) and I.  We sailed the world.  Stopping at ports along the way.  We had our stalking down to a science.  Our first night in we would go out as a couple.  We stuck to the shadows, hiding and watching.  Leo would use his gift to hear the thoughts of the local people.  We always found ourselves in exactly the right places.  Places where inhibitions were low.  We would return to his ship to formulate our plan for the second night.

Sometimes we would just feed, others we…

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4 Years

Recurring Dreams, Premonitions…a fantastic read

Duchess's Requiem

I wake with a start, feeling as if I am drowning. This is the third night this week I’ve had this dream. Last week it was only twice, but I think it’s going to get much worse before it gets better. After all it’s only Tuesday.

Dear god just let me have one night without this fucking dream. It’s been 14 nights straight now. I need some sleep. I can’t even nap without dreaming it. Please someone tell me it’s a just a dream.

I lost my job today. Not that I blame them. After all I haven’t slept more than an hour or two a night in nearly 2 months and it’s hard to work, without a million errors, when you can’t see straight. Heading to the doctor’s office now, I have to do something about this.

Ok so the doctor is sending me to a shrink. A month…

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We could all be so lucky as to have such a Guardian

Words From The Underground

wolf 2

The wolf was howling at her door again.

Every night since she’d moved into her new house 2 weeks ago she’d heard him.  At first she’d thought it was the wind.  It was a low, mournful sound.   Then she’d asked the neighbors thinking someone’s dog had gotten loose but no one else had heard anything.  She heard nothing during the day, it was only late at night, after midnight, when the eerie howling would begin.

Sometimes it would skip a day.  Sometimes it was louder than others.  When she could sleep through it she had very strange dreams.  One night when she finally decided to look outside, she peeked through the blinds and saw him…a large white wolf, pacing in front of her door.  She watched him for several minutes before the howling began.  He turned his back to the door, lifted his head & began his cry.  It sent a chill up…

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Are You There?

Are you there? Goddess I hope so

Duchess's Requiem

I can hear you, you know. Hovering just out of sight. Trying so very hard to be quiet, unseen, hidden. I know you watch me, that you listen to every word I say, that you breathe the very air I exhale. What I don’t know is why, or who you are? You’ve always been there, always, as far back as I can remember you always have been. Do you come out when I sleep? Are you there?

The doctors told me you’re not real. That it’s my imagination. That’s what I get for telling anyone about you. This room is…. uncomfortable. Stupid people, I was in bed, asleep. I had written in my diary before bed, about that awful man. But it’s not as if I’m the one that killed him! As if I could do something like that! They gave me a shot, for my own safety….Are you there?

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