So cold
In my Hell
It’s bitter
Clangs off my bones
Trembling them as I shake
I hear them coming
Their footsteps hurt my ears
Rattling and shaking
Like skull teeth in a can
Louder and louder

There’s nowhere to run
No places to hide
Make myself small
Until they pass
The walls are too slick
I can’t scale them
They moan and salivate
Dripping venom
In long syrupy strands

Closer still
Voices like rabid mice
Caught in a trap
Yes I’m trapped
A giant moving
Breathing creature
And I’m in it’s jaws

The floors are raw
They ooze
Slickery and noxious
Whispering and cajoling
Lies lies LIES
My hands can’t block
The sounds of their insanity
It giggles and screams

There are monsters here
In the halls of the dead
The houses of ghosts
Leer from every corner
Calling, sirening, they cry
It’s too much
The noisy silence
But for the…..

Unnerving silence
The tooth rattles have stopped
My skin crawls, trying to escape
The confines that hold it
It’s suffocating, the air
What air, there’s none
Breathless as I hear
Racing heartbeats
As galloping carnival horses
In my ears, my lips
Black butterflies
I see them, flitting about
Fading sight, fading light
They are here
Oh Horror

So cold
In my Hell

Death Maiden


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