Cry Love

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!

This particular poem has held a place in my heart since childhood. It speaks of love, friendship, offers a hand to hold, raising glasses and spirits to those we love, here and passed.

Should old acquaintance be forgotten, never thought of, like the past, days gone by? I say no, and it’s been my stance since I learned the words at my Scottish Nana’s knee. The old words, the poetry of Robbie Burns, sang to my ears in the auld language.

Let us glance at our past year, shall we? Flip the vellum pages of the book we’ve created. Laughter, tears, love…a lot of love. Lessons, plenty of lessons, and each has had a resounding effect on me personally.

To each of you, the book is different, the writings on your pages will be different from mine. One thing rings true, our lives have intertwined. We’ve come together in kinship, brotherhood, sisterhood, lovers and friends.

Tonight, we start a new chapter. Our old year ends, and we begin anew in 2014. It seems impossible to me, reminiscing, that we’ve reached this incredible number.

Come, take my hand, my heart, and let us celebrate the birth of the biggest and best year for us all. I leave you with my own impressions. May it cry love to your ears, for I love you all. Tonight, I toast you, send my love and may we meet the morrow on the Path.

We close the year
Old friends and lovers
We put them not aside
The days gone by
Are days gone by
Let’s reminisce upon them

Let us look at the pages
In rose-coloured glasses
Tint the bad with love
Round the edges
Give a smile
A gift for we experienced it all

Together we found
A place to call home
Kindred spirits one and all
A hand to hold
Stories well told
As one in darkness and light

To you my Family
I raise my glass
A spirit that burns most bright

A toast to you
Standing true, my words
Cry love to your ears

May you have all you wish
May you find your bliss
And may you all feel loved
May your lives be delight
May your lights burn bright
And may your Paths be clear

Death Maiden


11 thoughts on “Cry Love

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  1. Thank you Sister! Very beautifully written! May this new year bring you and the whole Grue/TOK family all the happiness you desire and deserve! Glad I met each and every one of you!

  2. Perfect!! Beautiful and well said. I love you my sister, you and all my new found family. I thank you Mel for the gentle push you gave me, without it I never would have rediscovered my voice. See you in the New Year everyone!! Love to all!!

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