Just Let It Go

There’s a storm on the horizon

Mountainous clouds

The harbringer of cataclysm

As the night closes in

I say let it rage

Let it scream and blow

I’m not afraid

I’ll stand outside naked

Shrieking its name

Raise my fists

Dare it to fight

When its too much

Just let it go

Forget the rest

They don’t know

When you want to scream

Just let it go

Turn your back

Walk away

Slam the door


Those that don’t understand you

They are a blip on the radar

A moment at the stoplight

Stuck at a red light

Live for yourself

Just let it roll

And when you can’t take it

Just let it go


Death Maiden




5 thoughts on “Just Let It Go

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  1. Just let it go, just let it out , deep breaths!! Wow, love this, I live by that everyday. If not I would go crazy! Wonderfully done!! Xoxo

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