I can’t stop

I won’t

I can’t ask

Not for me

Its not truth


Yes I need

I have desires

Feelings too

I hurt

Come on strong

Baring teeth

Ripping and tearing

At the flesh


My hackles

Boney outcrops

They cut deeply at

My skin, my heart

They won’t smooth

I don’t know how

From deep inside

A dark, seething

Noxious place

Fire has started


Out of control


Quench the thirst

Drown that fire

Leaves me cold

I don’t want to lose

I don’t want to be cold


I don’t want to choose

I want to die

Transcend the torture

I place myself under

Be reborn

Into who I must be

What I must be


Steel and strong


Death Maiden



5 thoughts on “Transcend

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  1. This is beautiful! I feel every word! Transcend Death Maiden because what you are transcending into is just an amazing sight to behold!! Xoxo

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