It’s an animal
Raging through the trees
Snarling and hissing
Through the trees
It sets my teeth on edge
Jangling nerves like chimes
Shivering in the wind
The urge to take flight
Fly away fast enormous

It roars it’s fury
Long and loud
Blowing my hair back
Spittle flying, wetting my face
It’s voice swirling
Debris from the ground
Chasing pine needles
Away in it’s breath
They chatter their fear
Clicking and whining
As they flee

Slinks in the gloom
Slithers around branches
That rattle like fleshless bones
In their devoid hibernation
Claws clutching
Digging bring jewels in patterns
Blood rubies falling
Falling to cry on the leaves

Above me, it dangles
Tongue lathing it’s chops
Lips shining in the moonlight
Face horrid and beautiful
Twisting into a lustful grimace
It’s feet meeting the Earth
In a resounding thud
That shakes trembles and moans

I am prey
I am food
I run then
Turning on my heel
Breath sucked in
To shriek my terror
It speaks my name
Low and insinuating
Insane and salivating
And soothing
Honey and lemon

I cannot leave, don’t even try
My will has left me, stolen
A hand on my throat
Human and warm
A disguise to my senses
For I see stiletto tipped
Nails tap
Tapping on my windpipe
It’s teeth on my neck

I recoil, scream denial
In my mind
I die, small death
I become, I evolve, I whisper
I hunger, I feed

I am


Death Maiden



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