He says
There’s something
In the corner
Under a sheet
That I don’t like.

I tell him
It’s a work in progress
It’s not ready
Leave it alone
For now

I tell him
It bites
Its seethes
It giggles

He says
It’s not alive
It can’t be
I don’t like it
Make it stop

I tell him
It’s got claws
Eyes drip blood
It drools venom
I made it
Its mine
It scares me

He says
It’s wrong
Not natural, not right
Get rid of it
Destroy it

I tell him
But I love it
I lift the sheet
It grabs him
And giggles
Sucking his eyes
From his face
Excising life

I tell him
You can’t see it
It is perfect
It is sublime
It is destruction
It is apocalypse
Its name is Legion

I’m not ready to unleash it


9 thoughts on “Legion

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  1. What a wicked savage piece of writing to wake up to! Brilliant Death Maiden, thank you for my Xmas present. Your bleedng is most tantalizing and leaves me craving more!! Xoxoxo

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