It drips like clear sugar
like pearls, desire
Slowly down to hang
Off the edge
Growing pregnant
Dripping. falling
Pooling on the ground
At my feet
From my pen

Sweetest delight
Lethal, it kills
Slow and with purpose
Like oil in water
It swirls and coats
Seeping into each
Crevice, slowly
Devouring, licking
Along the edges
Searching for an opening
An entry
Delights, shivers
Licks and bites
Screaming desire

It eats, devours
Starts fires, burning
Holes, fraying the edges
Whispering half truths
No truths
Fangs poke ravaged holes
In my heart,
Cutting the strings
Used to sew it back together
Edges still swollen
From the rusted needle

Catch it in a jar
Watch it darkle
A genie in a bottle
Should I rub it
Stroke the glass
Of its prison
Would it appear
Grab me about the throat?
Pin me to the wall
Have its way with me?
Or bow to my will
Ready to please me

Death Maiden




5 thoughts on “Poison

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  1. Your words are poisonous Death Maiden, each word gets in our blood and saturates.
    It slowly goes forth into our bloodstream and works it’s devilry into our heart where we can not be but captivated by each crimson drippped word! I am but the few that hunger to revel in it’s glorious savage intent! My love always!! Xo

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