You have to hear
You have to see
I’m waving my hands
In front of your face
Touching you
I know you feel it
I see my cold fingers
Raising your skin
You shiver
Twist away
Rejecting what your mind
Cant accept
Shoving violently away
What you must resist

So I stand here
Watching you cry
Rage and scream
Breaking memories
Smashing love
Building walls
Against the world
Your blindness the mortar
In your hurt you bite
Pain is an animal
It must bite or die

I’ll go
I’ll leave you be
My presence causes hurt
I see that now
Last touch,
A stroke of the hair
Soft kisses
Smoothing away your tears
In your hands I leave
My heart and soul
I don’t need them anymore
They were yours all along

Death Maiden



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