They live in your mind
Bored in little nests
Where they wait and breed
Releasing their numbers
On your inspecting heart

They slither and slink
Into every crack in your head
Spitting and salivating
Poison emotions
Killing everything in their wake

Destroy the body
You destroy the mind
Obliterating what was kind
Turning it evil
Dark, a complete absence
Of light

Til there is only a shell
Of what was or could be

Death Maiden



7 thoughts on “Doubts

Add yours

  1. These are normal feelings brought on by those who wish wish not to understand a creative mind. Bath in the fact that your work is loved understood and you are adored. Beautiful pc kindred

  2. Doubt is awful and is the thing that the devil uses to stop us from reaching our dreams! Just keep looking ito the light sweet sis and the doubts will vanish! Love you, thank you for sharing, love your talent so!!’

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