There be Monsters here…

My bare feet send a shower of pebbles and broken glass over the edge, wind lightly stroking my hair with its whispery fingers. My Monster has escaped and is wreaking havoc across my life, cutting down everything in her Path.

I am on the edge of the abyss. Standing and staring into its darkling, grinning face. It sings its song, promises and lies. Only a noxious and pulsating Darkness there, full of seething desire to devour.

I hear the screams, the begging and pleading voices as She chuckles her fury. I am frightened; want to be there in that never-ending darkness, wanting it to end, just be over. Wanting to run for my life, and never look back.

My hackles are sharp, boney outcrops from my skin, full of slicing hell, backbone like steel and I cannot smooth them down. I simply don’t know how. A gust sends me teetering, torn between maintaining balance and toppling over the edge.

She streams by, all teeth and glistening claws, swiping away at the people surrounding me, drooling acid as she goes. If I could smooth it away, all would be right again. But I can’t, and She is free. She is angry.

He is there. On the edge but not, holding out His hand to me, an offer to pull me back. I can only stare. The wrong choice and all is for not. The wrong choice and I lose everything, and my Monster remains free to run amok upon the souls about me, feeding.

He is close to me now, stroking my hackles. She shrieks in fear, not ready to go back to Her cage, where she will pace and rattle until her next chance to flee. He dismisses her with a gesture of his hand.

Light. The abyss is shrinking away, pebbles of glass only jewels in the devine. I breathe, Darkness returning. From her prison bars my Monster shrieks, Her rampage abated, for now. Step not to close, for She will batten on you. Feed.

Death Maiden


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