What do I want?

What do I want?

I want to spread my wings

I want to fly


I want to dig my fingers

Into the earth

To feel the life there


I want to lie beneath the stars

On a blanket

And watch them sparkle

I want my art

Without negativity

Or judgement


I want not to be self-conscious

And to smile freely

Without being shy about it


I want to dance

With abandon

In the rain

I want to be beautiful

To feel a goddess

In my own right


I want to see me

Through someone else’s eyes

My own portrait


I want to feel a Queen

My heart weeps from my eyes

Not a scullery maid


I want to be me

Barebones and imperfect flesh

Just as I am


5 thoughts on “What do I want?

Add yours

  1. What we all want my sister. For now, until we feel confidence enough for the rest, I shall dance with you in the rain. I believe we can hear the song still. Others may join if they wish, but for now…. come dance my sister, and we shall splash in the puddles as we go. *hugs*

  2. Yes! I will dance too sisters.
    I hear that faint haunting melody so clear.
    It flows; we move fluid, through the river of tears.
    Born Queens; been de-throned, but we are rising up to defend…
    what is rightfully ours, slay, bleed and heal to the end!

  3. Kindred through my eyes you already ate. …beauty…alive. let’s grab our sisters and dance in the rain together. Sisterhood=love.

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