Love is Relative

The concept of love is utterly filled with bullshit. All you see in the media are pictures of couples, no matter the configuration, staring and fawning over each other…not to mention the socially accepted soft porn advertising. Gone are the days of the Sears catalogue open to ladies underwear. Now at a click of a mouse a world of lies is at your fingertips.

Cupid is a serial sociopath…fluttering around shooting people at will, with no remorse. He shoots us up with arrows tipped in liquid crack and sits back to revel in the chaos he created.

How do we know what love is these days? We are left at the mercy of the technological age where any flavour of relationship is exploited at full speed at a cement wall. Our ideas of romance have mutated. Flirting has gone from eye contact and light touches to sexting and bathroom hookups.

We all dream of that one perfect love. You know the one I mean, the gut smashing, bug-eyed, gasping for air kind. Let me clue you in…only you are responsible for finding that perfect person to share your life with. Perfection is in the heart. What I consider the epitome of all that is or may be, may make you hold your hand to your mouth, as you hold down your gorge.

Real love is much darker and mundane. It’s days of routine and compromise, of swallowing your pride and biting your tongue to avoid swiping and opening someone’s gut with your words. That your one-eye open, slack mouthed drooling morning face isn’t going to send your significant other screaming mad…that’s should make you burst a ventricle.

In truth, it’s all very individual. People grow. They change, evolve. Unless you are content to be a caveman stagnating in the juices of humanity, it’s a necessity to survival. What we feed our eyes and minds can affect your whole world. It doesn’t matter, none of it, unless you are willing to take that step towards your own enlightenment. Be it Light or Darkness, you must feed your monster, nurture it, make it grow, show it Love.

Recently I learned a lesson. Love is relative, it is fleeting. It is also real. It exists. There is unconditional love, real love, that makes your heart scream joy, makes your eyes shine and gives you the drive to better yourself. No matter how much you buy into the company line that only you can drive yourself. It is a total and complete fallacy. There is no love without others to push and encourage.

Look about you, take the hand of your loved one, whether lover, friend, sister, brother, revel in the kinship they bring. It is their love that will guide you


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