Live Out Loud

I could have given up
Long ago
Plunged into the Abyss
Into the black

But I crawled out of
The Hole
Tearing into the
Bleeding walls
Ripping nails and
Pain away as I climbed

I am here
I am strong
Never will feel less
Or small again
Go ahead
Try to knock me down
You will shatter your
Fists against my steel

It’s a tired game
To play poor me
To hope for a Knight
In blood soaked armour
To save you

Change those voices
The ones in your mind
That whisper doubt
Make them love you
And scream YES


Here we stand naked
In spite of our masks
That we wear every day
The clothes that we wear
On our insecurities

Stand tall
Stand true
We’ve all made a Mistake
Or two in our time
Anyone who disagrees

Perfectly imperfect

We are born imperfect
Into a harsh world
Screaming and bloody
Why not go out that way

Knowing we have
Lived our lives
Not arriving scarless
But marked and bruised
Screaming the whole way

Come, let us live
Grasp the fire
Ride the wave
Live it to the fullest
We have no limits
To what we can do.

Death Maiden


10 thoughts on “Live Out Loud

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  1. Love this! It is a triumphant love song of a soul who has been hurt,used, abused but will not give up! This is really a masterpiece of a triumphant spirit! Xoxox
    Ly sister

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