My Sweet Destroyer

They burn you know

Excruciating pain

Bleeding from my eyes

Is the scream from

My wounded soul

Shards of me

Digging, slashing

Burrowing deep

Are the shattered

remains of my heart

There is no outward flow

Of heartsblood

No open gaping wounds

Visible to the eye

Only the small leavings

Of what was Love

The food of my essence

Rotting on the floor

Morsels that disgust Even my Monster

She paces, growling

Pointing to the source

Of the anguish

She wants to

Rip, tear, and destroy

Peel the flesh from

The still screaming maw

Slice to bloody ribbons

But No

My Sweet Destroyer

Lover of the Feed

You must wait

Sheathe those claws

Save the peeling

For another day

Rest now

For tomorrow

We Slay


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