Into the Light

In the hours before dawn
When shadows are deepest
Trees cast their twins
The mind is unleashed
To do it’s worst
It’s best
Mine clambers
It screams it’s grief to the sky
Howling and scraping it’s claws
Against the reality
I’ve lost, many
And none

Lessons learned
The hard way
Shattered shards of my heart
Dig deep. They bleed
They heal, they love
Have I lost you?
Yes, in a way
You’re not here
Warm flesh And blood
A hand to hold

I feel you
Sitting in the cold
In the night
In the shadows
Your hand on my heart
Lips on mine, Gently
A whisper of cologne
Your love sings me home
Lifts me from the blackness
Back onto the path

You’ve come to lead
The Lost to the Light
To the next world
I’m loathe to let you go,
I open the door for you
Crying goodbye
Mind is clear
All doubt gone


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