The Fires of Change

We are well met on the Path

Creatures of the Cimmerian shade

But take care

Your actions

Have consequences

Each choice we make


Not through this world

But the others as well

Vibrating along the

Strings of chances

We move in Shadow

Live in Darkness

Stepping into the Light

To join in loving congress

With our kindred souls

Each time we join together

In kinship and rejoice

In the strength of our numbers

A butterfly flaps its wings

The sun rises or sets

Ocean tides rise and fall

Streets fill with beauty

Or with blood

Inciting Compassion or carnage


Respect one another

In weakness and strength

We are of one mind

One Path, and the way is clear

For the might of our

Combined bearings

Are enough to

Ignite the fires of Change

Death Maiden

Death Maiden



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