She is not amused
Rattling against the
Iron bars of her cage
Nails sharp as knives
Reaching through
Trying to pull me closer
Eyes screaming into mine
Begging for release

I know she would
Cleave me to bare bones
Peel the skin from my
Face and laugh as she does
My Monster is hungry
She wishes to hunt
Her intentions clear
From the hiss of her
Promises, the lies
That fall from her
Cherry lips, still stained
From her last feed

I see her very well
Standing close enough
For a clear look
But far enough
Her eyes, unnatural blue
A maddening stare
Piercing as blowdarts
Freezing her prey
Her lips full and crimson
They wear a smile that
Is all sweetness and venom

Her nails click across the bars
Sharp enough to carve
Scratches in the metal
From a single pass.
I bear the scars from
Her last escape.
She cut deep
Crooning her Death Song
Into my ear
Singing me to sleep
While she Slayed

There is noise all around me
So constant that it’s a mindless buzz
A little peace of mind
Quiet so that I can think
Would be a blessing
She Smiles
A promise she would keep
To gift me with this
A little room to breathe.

Her door slides open
She is free


12 thoughts on “Free

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      1. I know could be why i’m stuggling with her. The LIGHT will is stronger. May take a bit. Won’t fully open the cage, maybe just coax her near the door..

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