My Monster

She has no name

She just Is

Enrobed in scarlet

A shimmering eye she moves through

The night in my soul

She stalks

Searching out her prey

A constant and complete

Gnawing at the bones

Of her desire

Her claws are long

Glistening with Crimson rubies

Light dancing on the edges

They furrow love

Into the flesh

Splitting and tearing

Her arousings  piqued

Creep she will into your mind

Slithering nimbly

Nibbling along the edges

Pausing to taste Your fear,

The heady fragrance

Of spice and sweet

Burns on her tongue

Approaching in your eyes

Seductive dance

Luring you to your doom

She sways and calls

Your name, one slender

Finger beckoning

You are compelled

To give yourself

Fight for life

As she feeds


Death Maiden


9 thoughts on “My Monster

Add yours

  1. In solidarity she stalks and feeds in the night. But it is not all she is. She is love. She cries. She bleeds.Kindred. Survives. She thrives.
    Love you sistermine

  2. Back To The River

    Back To The River, Back To The Sea

    Back To The Ocean, One With Thee

    Back To My Blood, And Back Through My Veins

    Back To My Heartbeat, One And The Same

    Back To The Forest, Back To The Fields

    Back To The Mountains, Her Body Revealed

    Back To My Bones, Back To My Skin

    Back To My Spirit, The Fire Within
    Author unknown
    For you my Kindred
    light a candle tonight and recite

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