Gentle creatures

Take notice

Your lives are limitless

If you let them be

We live in world upon world

A multiverse

As vast as space

Where love and faith

Reign supreme

We are a supernova

A force to be reckoned with

Each of us blessed with

Creativity in our own way

Fierce and strong

Fight for your Bliss

Live your dreams

Smash through those barriers

Do what you love

For there is no

Greater gift

Than to embrace yourself



Death Maiden



12 thoughts on “Limitless

Add yours

  1. I am definitely trying sister, to embrace myself and not hide or hold back. It has been a challenge here of late…loves ya darlin’ xoxo this is a really great family piece. We are all unique, creativity runs through our veins like wildfire.

  2. It has been so much easier to embrace & express myself since I discovered my family here. I could not have done it without all your love & support…I’ll be forever grateful xoxo *big hugs to you sister

  3. “We come together, , sisters. We walk with the darkness, the wolf at our side, through the waterfall of power, to the blackest heart of eternity. xoxo MINE!!

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