I see you

From afar

Happily about your days

Each smile is

Butterfly wings

Beating against my ribs


There is no air

In those times

The body shudders

Swells and shrinks



I dream of you

Wandering the halls

Of my memory

Collecting each instance

Like a sparkling jewel

A treasure



For want of a touch

Fingers trailing across

My heart and face

To dip fingers into

The well of my soul

I’d proclaim Love



from the Rooftops


To give oneself

To another

Pouring your being

Into their hands

Sparkling diamonds


That it will be nurtured

Cherished and not

Tossed aside like


Is Mountainous


My heart is scarred

It’s been battered and bruised

Shattered pieces reassembled

It’s strong, each beat

Reminding me why I live on

And Love still


It’s for you

Words like kisses

Drawing your name

In my soul

Declaration in the sand

It all is yours



Death Maiden



7 thoughts on “Amour

Add yours

  1. Absolutely beautiful sistermine. You bleed out your soul and healing begins. Never stop. Kindred, sister soul’s. Love you. MINE!!★★★♥♥♥

      1. we will bleed together, heal together, grow together.
        .We will share our pain and replenish together.
        In this place and in this hour,

        The breath of life

        And the light of my mind

        Creates an enchantment

        Of protection and comfort:

        As the air I breathe is purified

        I surround myself and my kindred sister with an orb of gold,

        This golden haze

        Is constantly purified

        And separated from any negativity

        May our space be protected.

  2. We have a mission you and I. Our two souls heal one. your brothren, My hearts eternal home.
    I love you kindred xo

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