Crossing Paths – The Journey Home

Our journey began with a single step, a group of tattered and rag tag survivors of life’s harshest lessons.  Each mile of the roughshod road we travelled was marked with a tombstone, laying below each a shell, a trophy of a battle won. Creatures we are, each and every one, all on our journey, started … Continue reading Crossing Paths – The Journey Home


Death Maiden – Kindred Killer

Copyright ©Melanie McCurdie 2013/12/30 The birds in the tall grass startle and ruffle as they take wing in my wake. Scythe is reflective in my hand, still musing I suppose upon the previous night’s experiences and Prey. She hums softly, her voice a quiver in my nerve endings, not ravenous but the niggling of hunger in … Continue reading Death Maiden – Kindred Killer

I’m Not Ready

Sweetest inspiration for my dark soul xo

Words From The Underground

dark angel

The Dark Angel hovers near

and senses my longing

my need for release

from unending heartache

 and my mundane existence

She speaks to me

in fragrant whispers

attempting to draw me closer

with promises

of easing my suffering

the lure of ending my pain

and how easy it would be

to just let go

and finally be free

I listen to the sound

of my breathing

Watching my chest rising

and falling

So simple




In one second

So easily taken away

but something is holding me back

a gravitational pull

I cannot go yet

I am not yet finished

I still have things to do

and somehow I feel

that I am still needed here

maybe even wanted

I am older

much older

than those I love

My end looms closer than theirs

and I fear for them

once I take that step

into forever

but no

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It's an animal Raging through the trees Snarling and hissing Through the trees It sets my teeth on edge Jangling nerves like chimes Shivering in the wind The urge to take flight Fly away fast enormous It roars it's fury Long and loud Blowing my hair back Spittle flying, wetting my face It's voice swirling … Continue reading Creature


Be afraid. TOK is here

Words From The Underground


He stalks

Always watching

From the shadows


You’d never know

he was right behind you


His hot breath on your neck

You turn around


& see nothing


You feel his presence

Hear him


Something brushes against your hair

You feel his fingers

at your neck

Reaching back

grasping at air

is he a phantom?



You feel you can’t breathe

but see nothing

you’re alone


Pulse racing

Your feet get tangled



You find the ground

and something else



Your hands bleed

from the barbs

It’s all around you

like a bed of nails

and there

A shadow


moving closer

You finally see

your end

and it’s whistling


“This is based on Matt Farnsworth’s character The Orphan Killer” All rights reserved”

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You should be afraid…

You should be afraid Live in fear That each moment from now Is your last That my Monster Who seethes and roars In her cages just there Is ready to flay The skin from your flesh Tearing great gobbets of Bleeding tissue Fling it around Like confetti   You should be afraid Live in terror … Continue reading You should be afraid…


They live in your mind Bored in little nests Where they wait and breed Releasing their numbers On your inspecting heart They slither and slink Into every crack in your head Spitting and salivating Poison emotions Killing everything in their wake Destroy the body You destroy the mind Obliterating what was kind Turning it evil Dark, … Continue reading Doubts

There be Monsters here…

My bare feet send a shower of pebbles and broken glass over the edge, wind lightly stroking my hair with its whispery fingers. My Monster has escaped and is wreaking havoc across my life, cutting down everything in her Path. I am on the edge of the abyss. Standing and staring into its darkling, grinning … Continue reading There be Monsters here…