It’s purgatory

All hellfire


Screaming delight

Could darkness and

Light be one?

Would they not war

Axe against shadow

But to dream

A world where Darkness and

Light are one

That she dances

In glee

With abandonment

Shedding her armour

To undulate in the

Bloody rain

To embrace her inner banshee

Screeching defright


Scraping the marrow from

The bones of her prey

With needled pointed claws

Licking it clean

Growling mine

She moves amid the

Lovely creeping shadows,

That inky cloak


Drinking it in

Like mead

Sweet on her tongue

Darkness stalks

Lovely creeping shadows

The obscure dusk

That inky cloak


Love lives there

Guarded within

The deepest cavern

Stone walls salivating

Hangs a reliquary

Darkness snarls

Its name


A willing sacrifice

A trinket

Pocket fire

Treasured in reliquary

Hangs in space

Sharpened claws away

Shredding to tender caresss

Darkness drifts

To dream

To hunt

To Love

Death Maiden


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