All I can feel
Is my heart in my ears
Thumping away double time
In the tips of my fingers
Soles of my feet
Blood rushing gushing
Traversing, singing
Screaming through my veins

My breath is harsh
Panting, rapturous
But not joyful
Not the beautiful Desire
Ravenous Beast

My mouth is sandpaper
And filled with life water
Metallic and sweet
Bitter and decadent
The taste of Lust

In the distance
Close by
A beautiful vision
In white lace, dark hair

How she dances
Lifting her shawl to
Blur her face as she turns
A cold, graceless swan

Slowing, stumbling
She comes before me
Her eyes ablaze with Hellfire
The Darkness of a thousand ages
Achingly offers her hand


Death Maiden


7 thoughts on “Inhale

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      1. Stay out of the cold dark place… do you…you do what is best for YOU. You have us and this is what maters. love you!!!! xo

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    First Governess of Grue bleeds for amusement. It just gushes. We suffer…and like that. Bravo Dark Poetry and I’m moved by the imagery as always, Keeper

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