Tree swing

Everything is silent
Silver by the light of the moon
The trees stand sentinel
Keeping watch over the
Beasts that play by night
Deer with tails white as snow
Graze the scant pickings
Uncovered by the melt
All is peaceful here
The crunching of the
Snow the only sound
In the freeze
As it falls to Earth


It brings to mind
A quieter time
When peace was easier
To come by
When the winter of
Our souls was shorter
Not as frigid as in our world
Warmth of the skin was a delight
As was the searing
Of a smile on ones heart
The words of love lavished
Felt as a burning touch
Feeding the body and the mind


Days gone by
They wander the halls
Of our memories
Screaming out joy
Crying in pain, sorrow, grief
All the while everything is silent

Death Maiden


5 thoughts on “Peace

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  1. Okay Governess…if your intention is to tantalize then just the sweet words…
    “Uncovered by the melt” caused twinges profound.
    Furthermore, again the images lead you from sub-zero isolation to warmth exquisitely.
    You spoil us all with your beautiful mind and peerless delivery.

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