I like to think I am a good friend.  I support the people I love and care for with all my heart, whether I agree with their choices or not.  All I have ever asked in return was that they had my back and I had their support.  I support their indiscretions and their life choices, photos of their children and of tortured animals.  I may not like it or approve of it, but as my family and friends they are THEIR choices and I have their backs…always.

The favour is not returned to me because apparently I am sitting in f*cking judgement at my choices of what I choose to put on my social media pages.  I am getting told off for having “gore, and that my pages are “Disgusting”  I am hurt and angry at this lack of support I am feeling from the people  who are supposed to love me.

So I am putting this out there, for better or for worse. If feelings are hurt so be it.  Because I am so damned tired of having my choices and my feelings hurt I could scream.

What I put on my FB page is not gore.  It is not disgusting and it is MY CHOICE.  It is art and I choose to showcase it as I see fit.  I share my life on my own terms.  NOT what others demand I do.  I have NEVER asked anyone to change how they choose to express themselves.  That is not fair or right.  We are who we are and we see the world in different ways.  That is why we are human and also why I maintain the friendships I have. 

There is so much shit in the world these days, is it really so damned hard to just back me up?  My writing gets ignored because it is not to everyone’s taste and I can accept that…but if you don’t like what you see on my page, unfriend me or don’t look.  Don’t drag me out and berate me in public.  That is too close to humiliation and I do not go in for that.

I’m in for a penny why not the pound.  If I can skip over the shit and crap that everyone else puts on their timelines and not say anything you should be able to as well.  There are plenty of things that I see on peoples pages that make me want to vomit either from sugary sweet crap or disgust.  I DO NOT SAY A WORD.  Again,  their choices.

I will be posting on my social media sites what I see fit…what I choose.  Don’t look if you don’t like it.  Don’t like what I’m saying? Unfriend me, unfollow me, either way is fine with me.  Or keep your mouth shut and be glad I am posting anything at all.

To everyone who has my back, I love you.  Unbridled, with no remorse.  You support me and I you and that is what family is about.  We do not judge each other, instead lift each other high with love.  To everyone else, whatever you choose is fine by me.. Go with love if you must go. 

Death Maiden





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  1. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought the same thing Sister. I’m like that too…if I see something I don’t agree with I just pass it by. I’m a Christian…I know others have very different beliefs & I don’t judge anyone for it…my beliefs say we will all be judged one day but it’s not my place. I have atheist friends, gay friends, the list goes on. I don’t care what anyone does as long as they aren’t hurting someone. But I’ve been attacked to for some of the stuff I say or post…I’ve unfollowed, unfriended, blocked people who just won’t leave me alone for it. So I understand completely. You mean so much to me & will always have my love & support sis mine. xoxo

  2. SisterMine way to stand your ground. The choices you make are just that – YOURS. You have a family here that fully supports and shares your views. There will always be those who just don’t get us or think us bizzare. We don’t live in their version of normal and that is just fine by me. I’d rather have all you as my family, it is my choice to do so and anyone who does not get that I have no time for. We stand aside each other daily. We laugh, we cry, we rage. We all came together for a reason, I whole-heartedly believe that. To any who jump at my sister know this: she has full support from us here, we love her, we hold her, we cherish her. She does not force her beliefs upon you so step back and go kick up rocks! i love my sister and I got her back. You misunderstand my girl or chose not to understand her. bad form on your part for she is a wonderful woman with a brilliant mind.

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