cold dark place

I need out
This hole is dark
And there are monsters here


Big shiny ones
With huge glistening teeth
That growl and snarl
In the shadows


I despise this place
It’s dark, and dismal
The walls covered in despair
In loss and hurt

hurt loss despair

They bleed, these walls
Blood dark as midnight
Noxious and rotten


Not the bright red of life
The delightful gore
That brings Heartsong
To my lips


I can see the light.
A pinprick in the darkness
I know I should go
But those walls
And I’m afraid


Death Maiden


3 thoughts on “Despair

Add yours

  1. I will always throw you a rope my sister. Or, failing that, climb down to join you. Never leave you alone in the dark, I’ll bring my lighter, some sodas, minion, and hang out till you feel you can make the climb. All my love my sister.

  2. You always use the most glorious terms. This time ‘Noxious’. Love that, forgotten its existence. As always, delightful. And I’m right with you by the pinprick ready to explore. Much love always, Keeper ❤

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