We are apart

One side and another

The veil that separates us

Is so thin, a fine line

You could reach through it

Blow it away like

Dust on the glass


It’s a wall

An impenetrable force

So tall and wide

I can’t climb it

I can’t survive it


Hand on a window pane

Touching, but not

No warmth

It’s cold, no sensation

No thrill to the touch


When I’m hurt

I rage, inside

Scream, shriek

Scratch holes in reality

With my claws



Withdraw and hide

Huddle in the darkness

Pull the dark cloak of

Night around me like a blanket




Death Maiden

Sing Hello

Sing Hello

If I wrote you a letter

Sang hello to you

With my words

Would you sing back

Our voices would ring

In the air

Like church bells in winter

A symphony of love

Across the distances


For want of a touch

I could reach out

And stroke your face

Kiss your lips

Apple Blossoms and tabacco

Soft and yielding

Burning like paper in fire


I could stroke your soul

Make it soar

Run and leap into the

Air, fly, float

Balloons in the breeze


I could make you see

The majesty of the mountains

Strong sentianal creatures

The streams traversing

Down the sides like

Giant’s tears

Or the lakes so blue

They rival the sky

Glacier green and

Rippling in the breeze

Silk in the wind

Can I make you hear

The wail of the wind

Echoing around the eaves

Like lost souls

Searching their way home

Can you feel the

Chill as someones spirit

Passes you by

Goosebumps rising

Hair on end

Or the uneasy sweet

Smell of old flowers

And dust

How it makes my

Mind reel away and

Hold its hands up

In refusal and denial


Do you taste my darkness?

The unpalatable

Mix of fear and delight

Like pennies and sugar

Does it frighten you

To know it lurks

Beneath my skin

Watching, searching

For a place to jolt

From the shadows

And bite at your flesh

Its teeth bright and

Glistening in the shadows.



They are weapons

They can wound

In a syllable, icepick to the heart

Driving you to your knees

With a silent scream


Words are love

They are a touch on the skin

A caress in comfort

The heat of lust

Gentle claws

A hug when you are in sorrow

Delight when you are low

Love in letters


Our emotions

Hang like old hats on the stand


The soft underbelly

Of us all

I beg you tread carefully

Death Maiden



It’s purgatory

All hellfire


Screaming delight

Could darkness and

Light be one?

Would they not war

Axe against shadow

But to dream

A world where Darkness and

Light are one

That she dances

In glee

With abandonment

Shedding her armour

To undulate in the

Bloody rain

To embrace her inner banshee

Screeching defright


Scraping the marrow from

The bones of her prey

With needled pointed claws

Licking it clean

Growling mine

She moves amid the

Lovely creeping shadows,

That inky cloak


Drinking it in

Like mead

Sweet on her tongue

Darkness stalks

Lovely creeping shadows

The obscure dusk

That inky cloak


Love lives there

Guarded within

The deepest cavern

Stone walls salivating

Hangs a reliquary

Darkness snarls

Its name


A willing sacrifice

A trinket

Pocket fire

Treasured in reliquary

Hangs in space

Sharpened claws away

Shredding to tender caresss

Darkness drifts

To dream

To hunt

To Love

Death Maiden



There’s so much in me

No one has heard before

A song that has never been sung

A story never told

Love never felt

Burning alive

I’ve dug my way out

By my nails, with

Blood and fury

Roaring and climbing

I have scars

They are deep and ugly

They mark my face

And my heart

My soul is easily wounded

I am strong.  I have fought.


I have lost

I’ve lost

My heart leaks from my eyes


I survived.

I am surviving

Everyday is a new journey

A step towards a better me

Brighter horizon


I have love

It blows like a delicate breeze

Whispers my heart to your ears

It is quiet

It roars

It is yours

Death Maiden

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Blood everywhere
Covered, bathed
Drink from it
Feeding on the life source
Music to my ears

Paint on the walls
Deaths design
Sculpting delight
From the
bones of my despair
They rattle like maracas
Such is the breath in my lungs

It tincts
Colouring my days
A constant fog of blackness
Moments run together
Sequences of someone else’s purpose

My blade bites deep
Twisting, digging
Thrusting hard
Ripped free
Releasing a glut
Of rot and noisome dreams

It’s horrid warmth is
Thick on my hands
Elated, terrified
Shriek exaltation

I wake
Death Maiden



All I can feel
Is my heart in my ears
Thumping away double time
In the tips of my fingers
Soles of my feet
Blood rushing gushing
Traversing, singing
Screaming through my veins

My breath is harsh
Panting, rapturous
But not joyful
Not the beautiful Desire
Ravenous Beast

My mouth is sandpaper
And filled with life water
Metallic and sweet
Bitter and decadent
The taste of Lust

In the distance
Close by
A beautiful vision
In white lace, dark hair

How she dances
Lifting her shawl to
Blur her face as she turns
A cold, graceless swan

Slowing, stumbling
She comes before me
Her eyes ablaze with Hellfire
The Darkness of a thousand ages
Achingly offers her hand


Death Maiden


Tree swing

Everything is silent
Silver by the light of the moon
The trees stand sentinel
Keeping watch over the
Beasts that play by night
Deer with tails white as snow
Graze the scant pickings
Uncovered by the melt
All is peaceful here
The crunching of the
Snow the only sound
In the freeze
As it falls to Earth


It brings to mind
A quieter time
When peace was easier
To come by
When the winter of
Our souls was shorter
Not as frigid as in our world
Warmth of the skin was a delight
As was the searing
Of a smile on ones heart
The words of love lavished
Felt as a burning touch
Feeding the body and the mind


Days gone by
They wander the halls
Of our memories
Screaming out joy
Crying in pain, sorrow, grief
All the while everything is silent

Death Maiden

Beautiful Lie

It’s beautiful on the surface
It shines, calls, sings your name
Allures you,
Pulling you in with
The crook of a finger


A dancer full of
staggering grace
It stumbles and falls
Rises and soars
Seductress in rose coloured glasses

It darkles, cavorts
Mesmerizing you into
Believing all is perfection
Until you open your eyes
To find you are being
burned alive

Burning alive

Under the thin veil
Ripples like water
Dipping your fingers in
You don’t see the flesh
Splitting away from your bones

Cleaved from within
Bites deeply with poisonous teeth
Dripping it’s venom into your wounds
Where it stirs and boils
Numbs your soul


The song it sings is
Noxious and vile
It screams beauty but gives only
Pain and torture
Sweet suffering


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The sky is crying
Weeping out her sorrow
Enveloping herself in a blanket of cloud

It’s dark and dismal
Suffocating deep hole.
A total absence of light.

The shadows are more sinister now
They close in as I walk
Demons in the darkness


They whisper and moan
In my ear, of truths
Things to come

Ahead the world is changed
It feels bitter and is
Redolent of copper and pine

It runs in rivulets
Creeping into each crack
Slithering into each crevice


It reflects the sky
Like staring into a ruby
The world is crimson

To dip my fingers into
This pool of beauty
Paint a canvas, bliss


Life Is fleeting
My blood joins the pool

The sky is crying
Into my eyes as I fade

Death Maiden


I like to think I am a good friend.  I support the people I love and care for with all my heart, whether I agree with their choices or not.  All I have ever asked in return was that they had my back and I had their support.  I support their indiscretions and their life choices, photos of their children and of tortured animals.  I may not like it or approve of it, but as my family and friends they are THEIR choices and I have their backs…always.

The favour is not returned to me because apparently I am sitting in f*cking judgement at my choices of what I choose to put on my social media pages.  I am getting told off for having “gore, and that my pages are “Disgusting”  I am hurt and angry at this lack of support I am feeling from the people  who are supposed to love me.

So I am putting this out there, for better or for worse. If feelings are hurt so be it.  Because I am so damned tired of having my choices and my feelings hurt I could scream.

What I put on my FB page is not gore.  It is not disgusting and it is MY CHOICE.  It is art and I choose to showcase it as I see fit.  I share my life on my own terms.  NOT what others demand I do.  I have NEVER asked anyone to change how they choose to express themselves.  That is not fair or right.  We are who we are and we see the world in different ways.  That is why we are human and also why I maintain the friendships I have. 

There is so much shit in the world these days, is it really so damned hard to just back me up?  My writing gets ignored because it is not to everyone’s taste and I can accept that…but if you don’t like what you see on my page, unfriend me or don’t look.  Don’t drag me out and berate me in public.  That is too close to humiliation and I do not go in for that.

I’m in for a penny why not the pound.  If I can skip over the shit and crap that everyone else puts on their timelines and not say anything you should be able to as well.  There are plenty of things that I see on peoples pages that make me want to vomit either from sugary sweet crap or disgust.  I DO NOT SAY A WORD.  Again,  their choices.

I will be posting on my social media sites what I see fit…what I choose.  Don’t look if you don’t like it.  Don’t like what I’m saying? Unfriend me, unfollow me, either way is fine with me.  Or keep your mouth shut and be glad I am posting anything at all.

To everyone who has my back, I love you.  Unbridled, with no remorse.  You support me and I you and that is what family is about.  We do not judge each other, instead lift each other high with love.  To everyone else, whatever you choose is fine by me.. Go with love if you must go. 

Death Maiden





cold dark place

I need out
This hole is dark
And there are monsters here


Big shiny ones
With huge glistening teeth
That growl and snarl
In the shadows


I despise this place
It’s dark, and dismal
The walls covered in despair
In loss and hurt

hurt loss despair

They bleed, these walls
Blood dark as midnight
Noxious and rotten


Not the bright red of life
The delightful gore
That brings Heartsong
To my lips


I can see the light.
A pinprick in the darkness
I know I should go
But those walls
And I’m afraid


Death Maiden


It breathes, screams
In my mind, in my chest
Laying just beneath the surface
Of my skin

Lays in wait,
For the moment it
Escapes the bonds
I’ve shackled it in.

It escaped once
It got free of its chains
It roared
It screamed
It flew. I was strong then
I could catch it
I did catch it.

Not as strong now
The chains weaken over time
And it bides
Pacing, howling,
Rattling the doors.
It wants free, to feed
And feed
And feed


I am free