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Limbo It's purgatory All hellfire Beauty Screaming delight Could darkness and Light be one? Would they not war Axe against shadow But to dream A world where Darkness and Light are one That she dances In glee With abandonment Shedding her armour To undulate in the Bloody rain To embrace her inner banshee Screeching defright … Continue reading Ours


Cut Slice Blood everywhere Covered, bathed Drink from it Nourishment Feeding on the life source Screams Music to my ears Paint on the walls Deaths design Sculpting delight From the bones of my despair They rattle like maracas Such is the breath in my lungs It tincts Colouring my days A constant fog of blackness … Continue reading Dreams


All I can feel Is my heart in my ears Thumping away double time In the tips of my fingers Soles of my feet Blood rushing gushing Traversing, singing Screaming through my veins My breath is harsh Panting, rapturous But not joyful Not the beautiful Desire Ravenous Beast My mouth is sandpaper And filled with … Continue reading Inhale

Beautiful Lie

It's beautiful on the surface It shines, calls, sings your name Allures you, Pulling you in with The crook of a finger A dancer full of staggering grace It stumbles and falls Rises and soars Seductress in rose coloured glasses It darkles, cavorts Mesmerizing you into Believing all is perfection Until you open your eyes … Continue reading Beautiful Lie


The sky is crying Weeping out her sorrow Enveloping herself in a blanket of cloud It’s dark and dismal Suffocating deep hole. A total absence of light. The shadows are more sinister now They close in as I walk Demons in the darkness They whisper and moan In my ear, of truths Things to come … Continue reading Shadows