Going to the Matt….Farnsworth that is

If this reads like a love letter, get the Hell over it.  It is, of a kind.

If you stalk twitter in recent months, you will see an influx of panting females, lusting over an extremely handsome man, and, in THIS sister’s not so quiet or humble opinion, one of the most brilliant minds of our time.  Now he is probably smirking while he reads this, but I DID say not quiet or humble.


Matt Farnsworth, actor, writer, director, producer, Mad King; No matter what you call him, he is still the most personable, interactive and sexy guy out there in cyber-dom and he is bringing the female social media population to its knees

Squeeze IMG_4523_edited-1

The first thing that draws you in are those amazing blue eyes.  Jeepers Creeper but the madness of these soul-sucking peepers!!  Yes, he IS physically delicious.  Have zero doubt…you only have to scope out his selfies to see that for yourself.

1238950_10151762543083122_948295109_n BU-Dr6aCMAAxiuF

Leering and suggestive comments aside, the ladies agree, Matt has one beautiful mind.  He gave life to Dying For Meth, Iowa and the problem child we all know and love, from a distance, The Orphan Killer.


Dying For Meth, the true life story of a family hooked on Methamphetamines.  Along with Diane Foster, he opened a window into addiction, and invited us to gaze upon the devastation.  For me personally, it provided understanding and closure. I invite you to watch and learn.


From the success of Dying For Meth, came Iowa, the feature film based on the documentary. Matt’s portrayal of Esper Harte was a delight to watch.  It was my first peek into the Well of Madness his mind contains.


A seed was then planted in Matt’s mind, and this seed did grow, to give birth to The Orphan Killer, the cult classic slasher of our time.  This is truly the bloodiest, most brutal, insanity driven slasher I’ve ever seen.  Not your typical gore-ridden delight this movie.  It brings the bloodlust to a fever pitch and you find yourself drooling with hunger for the next slice.

The-Orphan-Killer-2011           MarcusMiller _edited-1

There is so much more to this Delightful Devil than what appears on the surface.  In the words of my sisters, “Eye-candy, Brutal, Genius, Beast, Smart, Hot, Enthralling…” Yes….all that and more. He is also kind, sweet, nice…they seem like small insignificant words in comparison, but they speak to the man’s nature in the best of ways.

Madness Its Contagious BU-R_uXCcAEPbPR

Professing to be a beast, which he is indeed, he draws us in and pins us to the wall, helpless but to adore.  This girl is delighted to remain so.


So begins the next chapter, TOK 2 Bound x Blood.  Matt Farnsworth is preparing to feed us more brutality, bloodlust, and cruelty and we accept the gift he offers gratefully.

Death Maiden

bloodybrothermine Mattbrother PantyDropper ReflectingOnMurder MadMattKing_edited-1Mattfarnsworth_4

www.theorphankiller.com  The Bloody Official Site

www.theorphankillerstore.com  Where to buy the movie

Iowa (2005) – http://www.imdb.com/rg/s/1/title/tt0372346

Dying for Meth (2006) – http://www.imdb.com/rg/s/1/title/tt0823624

The Orphan Killer (2011) – http://www.imdb.com/rg/s/1/title/tt1179071

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