Diane Foster: Worship at the Bloody Altar

“Awesome, Beautiful, Intense, Intelligent, Hot…”

These are just some of the words floating around Cyber-dom being used to describe Diane Foster. And this girl wholly and with pounding heart agrees. They eye can’t help but ravage this beauty.

BeautyScream1393876_624658357570082_1293771261_n - Copy

In today’s day and age, there are few true classic beauties that strike eyes and crush our hearts quite like Diane. This lady is the whole package; a brazen lovely with killer eyes, a body to shame the Gods, and a mind that blows us all out of the water.


And she is more than just eye-candy, she is a powerhouse of talent. Diane has provided a strong role model for women out there. As co-producer of Dying for Meth, along side Matt Farnsworth, they brought us the story of a family hooked on Methamphetamines, that has taught more than just myself the true story of addiction. A deep and true to life story of how just one small town has fallen victim to this drug and the people addicted in it.

As Donna in Iowa, the film based on Dying for Meth, she acted a stunner of a role, dragging us gasping alongside. If you haven’t watched either of these films I heartily recommend both.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more intense, born is The Orphan Killer, the problem child of Matt Farnsworth. Diane brought Audrey Miller to the brink of insanity in this gut-wrenching, cringing role, bringing her audience along through each terror filled, agonizing step of the way. The strength she portrays is incredible, and you find yourself cheering her along as she struggles to survive the deadly attentions of her Big Brother Marcus.

IMG_4592orphan killer goreimagesCAVM1R8ZAudrey

The talent of this cruel beauty has woken the world to a new type of Pin Up Queen…a woman comfortable in her own skin and unafraid to show us her whole self. In this sister’s opinion, Diane brings her fans, all of whom love and adore her, men and women alike, to their knees, to worship at the bloody alter and for that we are all grateful.


Death Maiden

Iowa can be purchased on iTunes or Amazon.com

The Orphan Killer can be purchased on iTunes or at http://www.theorphankillerstore.com

Check out www.theorphankiller.com for interviews, videos and news of TOK 2 Bound x Blood


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  1. You pay a beautiful homage to our sister blood, dark beauty queen sister mine!! eloquent and well spoken as always!! xo

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