Love is a Beast

“Love is gentle…love is kind”….I call bullshit. Love is neither. Love is a vicious voracious animal that can and often does eat you alive. It is fiercely protective of its own, fighting to the death to keep itself breathing.

Love is cruel

It bleeds, spouting poetry, or explicatives, screaming in silence or singing movement. Nothing is stronger, as it fights to its last breath, usually shouting curses.


I speak of love as a starving Beast…beautiful to look at but with huge glistening teeth and sharpest claws. And it is truth, as I stand true before you I testify to this. It feeds on happiness, sorrow, on our blackest days, or most joyful moments.


When you feel the darkness calling, look about you. You are being stalked by the Love Beast. It cares, it bites deep, and it can shout you home. You just need to expose your throat and let it carry you.

Death Maiden


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