When Worlds Collide

I know you can hear me.
You say I’m cold. I don’t feel cold.
Seems my hands are as warm as yours.


It’s cold here.
I can feel the heat blazing from you in waves.
Like a bonfire…a pyre.


Can you feel me?
Waving my hand by your face,
running it down Your arm.
Goose pimples rise from the heat on your skin.


I’m here. Feel me pinching you?
Memories whisper of perfume…cologne. Powder.
Rustle of clothing.
Tinkle of chimes as I run my fingers through them.
Here where you can’t see me.
A glimpse. A different place. Time.


There are others here.
Our personal afterlives.
Merge, linger, move away..overlap.


Sometimes they merge into the same place and time.
Different perspectives.
Then it’s a love story.
A lifelong friendship.
A family.

Death Maiden


8 thoughts on “When Worlds Collide

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  2. Truly love this piece of Dark poetry! I could read it over and over and still it is haunting and beautiful! I feel honored to be able to read it! Thank you for sharing your prose with me!! Love you sister so much!! Xoxoxo

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