Last Girls Night

So I'm out with my sisters the other night, doin girl stuff...ogling...drinking...swearing...that's right,..we do it too. Across the street, just near the alley, I see this guy. Now, I noticed him before. And he's handsome. But he's been there a while...or we have. He's always just watching, always watching. (If you heard that in the … Continue reading Last Girls Night


Going to the Matt….Farnsworth that is

If this reads like a love letter, get the Hell over it.  It is, of a kind. If you stalk twitter in recent months, you will see an influx of panting females, lusting over an extremely handsome man, and, in THIS sister’s not so quiet or humble opinion, one of the most brilliant minds of … Continue reading Going to the Matt….Farnsworth that is

Diane Foster: Worship at the Bloody Altar

“Awesome, Beautiful, Intense, Intelligent, Hot…” These are just some of the words floating around Cyber-dom being used to describe Diane Foster. And this girl wholly and with pounding heart agrees. They eye can’t help but ravage this beauty. In today’s day and age, there are few true classic beauties that strike eyes and crush our … Continue reading Diane Foster: Worship at the Bloody Altar