Last Girls Night

So I'm out with my sisters the other night, doin girl stuff...ogling...drinking...swearing...that's right,..we do it too. Across the street, just near the alley, I see this guy. Now, I noticed him before. And he's handsome. But he's been there a while...or we have. He's always just watching, always watching. (If you heard that in the... Continue Reading →



The kids are all excited at the prospect of dressing up as their favourite cartoon characters, serial killers and demons and angels alike.  It is Halloween, or Samhain in my house, and it is usually a joyful time of blood, horror movies, and decorating for my little family. This year it’s become very apparent that... Continue Reading →

Diane Foster: Worship at the Bloody Altar

“Awesome, Beautiful, Intense, Intelligent, Hot…” These are just some of the words floating around Cyber-dom being used to describe Diane Foster. And this girl wholly and with pounding heart agrees. They eye can’t help but ravage this beauty. In today’s day and age, there are few true classic beauties that strike eyes and crush our... Continue Reading →

Love is a Beast

"Love is is kind"....I call bullshit. Love is neither. Love is a vicious voracious animal that can and often does eat you alive. It is fiercely protective of its own, fighting to the death to keep itself breathing. It bleeds, spouting poetry, or explicatives, screaming in silence or singing movement. Nothing is stronger, as... Continue Reading →

When Worlds Collide

I know you can hear me. You say I'm cold. I don't feel cold. Seems my hands are as warm as yours. It's cold here. I can feel the heat blazing from you in waves. Like a bonfire...a pyre. Can you feel me? Waving my hand by your face, running it down Your arm. Goose... Continue Reading →

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